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Hide My IP by Private Proxy

We recommend Your Private Proxy if you need dedicated IP addresses. Their proxies are private http or socks proxy. You are the only user of the proxies you bought.

Your Private Proxy

  • Advantage: The proxies are exclusive to a single user.
  • Shortcoming: It's expensive if you need many IP addresses.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need dedicated IP addresses.

Private Proxy Comparison

My IP HideYour Private ProxyElite Proxy Switcher
TechnologyEnhanced ProxyHttp or Socks ProxyHttp Proxy
AccessPrivate Dedicated Public
EncryptionYes NoNo
IP NumberDozensDependsThousands
Price/Month$8.52 $30/10IP$10/1000IP
WebsiteMy IP HideBuy Private ProxyBuy Proxy List

Private Proxy Problems

Yourprivateproxy.com doesn't allow your using their proxies for mailing, ScrapeBox, xRumer, Conquer Online, Torrents or Fraud. And they only accept PayPal payments from the verified PayPal accounts that have a credit card attached.

Yourprivateproxy.com only has proxies in United States and Canada. They have proxies in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, Washington, Las Vegas, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Pennsylvania, Toronto (CA) and Montreal (CA).

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