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Hide IP by Private Proxy

Proxy6 provide dedicated HTTPS/SOCKS5 proxies in 15 countries. You can use their proxies for most applications such as: Scrapebox, Craigslist, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Private Proxy

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  • Advantage: The proxies are exclusive to a single user.
  • Shortcoming: It's expensive if you need many IP addresses.
  • Audience: Best for the users who need dedicated IP addresses.

For Sneakers (Nike, Adidas, etc.) websites, you may need Residential Proxies. They are more expensive than private proxies.

Private Proxy Comparison

My IP HidePrivate ProxyResidential Proxy
TechnologyEnhanced ProxyHTTPS/SOCKS5HTTP/HTTPS
AccessPrivateDedicated Private
IP RotationRotating or static Static IPRotate every 5 mins
EncryptionYes NoNo
IP Number70+Depends10M+
IP Country24 countries15 countries195 locations
IP SourceData centersData centersResidential
Price/Month$8.52 for 70 IP $62 for 50 IP$75 for 5 GB
WebsiteMy IP HideProxy6 SmartProxy

Private Proxy Problems

Proxy6 doesn't allow your using their proxies for mailing, PayPal, or Qiwi. They only provide 1-day money-back guarantee for the private proxies and no refunds for the shared proxies.

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